I paint with oil and acrylic on canvas and draw with charcoal on paper.

I am fascinated with the darker topics of human existence and use a heavy dose of humour, cynicism, anger and happiness as both my inspiration and colour palate, and take my themes from the singular subconscious on one end of the scale to the combined energy of collective consciousness on the other.

As an artist I am multi-dimensional.  My work combines both expressionism and surrealism.  This is evident in my career as a musician as well.  I am Arno Carstens the solo singer songwriter and I am the lead singer of Springbok Nude Girls.  This split personality between emotion and detail is evident in my painting as well:  the Self Portrait 2 comes from the same place as early days Springbok Nude Girls lyrics – it’s emotionally driven art, the relationship is between me and the canvas with little regard for boundaries of any kind. At the other end of the scale, there is The Quiet Ones – where attention to fine detail and the need to create a story with pictures forms the core of the work.

The journey in both styles reflects the balancing act between storytelling, emotional content and colour use, where the goal is to achieve the most natural state of arousal and visual opulence: an attempt at the perfect scaling of positive and negative. 

This is the thread that binds my art.

I am still and always will be, a musician, the art is just an extra facet. Art and Music are not mutually exclusive for me.  I am a painter that sings and a singer that paints.

Arno Carstens